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Fighting the Fakes

TMD Friction

Having counterfeits made of your products and brands is a strange kind of compliment, the cost to set up manufacturing and engineering to make a fake product only makes sense when the product has both premium quality and value....

TMD Friction Security Items

The security steps & Measures

TMD Friction Security Hologram. Fake automotive parts are produced by criminals trying to make money from the motorist, with no regard to the threat they pose to human life...

How to Spot the Fakes

Real example of fake brake parts

Spotting the fakes is sometimes harder that you would first imagine, here we explore some examples of fake brake parts that we've discovered. Have a look at some of the more obvious examples.

Do you suspect you have fakes?

Ask our experts

Suspect you have a fake? Our experts are on hand to help you discover whether you have a fake brake part.